Baby Driver by Director Edgar Wright

Reviewed by Casey

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This car chase musical features Baby, a talented getaway driver who is indebted to a crime boss named Doc and is forced to be the wheelman for his heists. Baby drives to escape more than just being caught and does so while using an iPod to carefully curate songs for the energy and timing needed for every situation. After he begins dating local waitress Debora, Baby dreams of ditching his unrespectable field of work and starts delivering pizzas. However, when Doc threats his loved ones, Baby is coerced into one last big job, unknowing that it's doomed to fail.

Much like Director Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs the World, action sequences and sudden movements, like the slam of a car door or the shot of a gun, are choreographed to cue perfectly in time to the soundtrack, which is an impressive feat when it comes to editing and patience. 

Rating: 4/5 stars