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Don't Let COVID-19 Keep You From Voting

New rules allow any NH voter concerned with COVID-19 to check a "COVID-19" box to apply for an absentee ballot for the 2020 elections. Help keep voters and poll workers safe during the upcoming September 8th state primary and November 3rd primary elections by requesting your absentee ballot today!

Get your absentee ballot application at:


Who is eligble for absentee ballot voting?

In April, the NH Secretary of State and NH Attorney General's office gave permission to all voters concerned with COVID-19 to vote by absentee ballot. In June, the absentee ballot application was changed to make this process easier.

How do I start the process of absentee voting?

First, request an absentee ballot application. The application is a two-page form that needs to be filled out completely, signed, and returned by mail to the town clerk's office at 6 Baboosic Lake Road, Merrimack, NH 03054. There are three ways to obtain an application:

What if I'd like to vote, but I'm not registered?

You can register to vote by mail or in person at the town clerk's office at 6 Baboosic Lake Road. The absentee ballot application's first section asks if you are a registered voter. If you're not, the clerk will send you voter registration materials through the mail.

When do I get my absentee ballot?

Generally you'll get your ballot 3 to 5 weeks before the election, provided you request it early. Your ballot will come with instructions. Make sure to sign the affidavit envelope, and return it as soon as possible. The new rules allow you to check "disabled" on the affidavit envelope for COVID-19. Help our election officials by sending it back early!

What if I want to go to the polls?

You can absolutely vote in person if you wish. The polls will be open as usual, and special protocols are being put in place to protect voters and poll workers. In-person voters will be asked to wear a mask, and one will be offered to you at the polls if you do not have one. Please keep in mind that voting from home will be safer for you, for other voters, and for poll workers.

Where do I go if I have questions?

The town clerk is the always the best place to go if you have questions about voting. Visit in person at 6 Baboosic Lake Road or reach out via email at or by phone at 603-424-3651.