Visiting the Beyond

Experience a paranormal journey like no other with Visiting the Beyond via Zoom! This unique lecture, presented by entertainer Curt Strutz, will take attendants through some of the nation's most haunted locations, possibly including abandoned homes, hospitals, schools, asylums, and more! The audience is put in the driver's seat during this interactive event, with the places we visit being entirely up to those who attend.

Curt Strutz is a performing artist, professional speaker, and entertainment producer with nearly a decade of experience presenting his Visiting the Beyond lecture at museums, libraries, colleges, and paranormal conferences across the nation. His unique brand of storytelling is packed with original photography, deep history, and haunted experiences that add to the lecture a blend of history, photography, and humor.

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Max Blanchette
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603-424-5021 x109
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Merrimack Public Library
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