Restoration Upcoming for the D.W. Highway Entrance

On Monday, January 11th, and Tuesday, January 12th, restoration work will be conducted on the steps of the original entrance to the Merrimack Public Library building. A police detail will be on hand to help with traffic between 9:00am and 3:00pm, as traffic on the corner of the D.W. Highway and Baboosic Lake Road may be impacted by this work. (The Library's original entrance faces the D.W. Highway.)

The Library Board of Trustees have been planning this restoration project for over a year. Over time, the steps have buckled, and the iron railing has rusted through in some spots. Although this doorway no longer serves as an entrance, it does serve as an emergency exit to the building, and restoring the stairs and railing is an important safety measure.

This work will not impact library services; the Merrimack Public Library will be open its regular operating hours on Monday and Tuesday. If you are planning a trip to the library on these days, or passing by our corner, you might want to build in a few extra minutes to your travel time.