Trailers and New Titles on Kanopy

April brings nearly 400 new titles to Kanopy, the library streaming service that provides access to over 30,000 documentaries and classic, indie, and children's films and over 6,000 lessons from The Great Courses. Click HERE to browse a complete listing of this month's new Kanopy titles.

In addition to the new titles, Kanopy has also introduced trailers to enhance your browsing experience. Tired of wasting plays on a film that doesn't quite live up to your expectations? Now you can spend a few moments watching film content without spending one of your 5 monthly plays!

Kanopy offers no wait lines and is also available through a variety of apps. Checkouts through Kanopy are limited to 5 total films/month/account, though remember that access to children's content and The Great Courses never goes against your monthly streaming limit.