The Bear by Andrew Krivak

Reviewed by Max

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Set in the distant future, The Bear focuses on a girl and her father who live deep in the forest in the shadow of a lone mountain. A few books, a singular comb, and self-made shoes are all they have left of human civilization, for they are the last of mankind. When an accident leaves the girl stranded alone in unfamiliar territory, a single bear accompanies her on the journey home, providing the guidance and wisdom needed for the girl to survive, if she can learn to listen.

I chose this title as our August Community Book Club pick because I wanted a change of pace from the character-centric titles we'd chosen previously, and boy did I get it! The sparse presence of voice and dialogue blended with the harrowing tale of family, love, and loss create a truly moving story laced with a delicate insight into both the fragility and resilience of mankind. As someone who's normally bored by dystopian fiction, I found The Bear to be a pleasant reintroduction to the genre.

Rating: 4/5 stars