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470 Daniel Webster Hwy
Merrimack, NH 03054
(603) 424-5021

Please note that we cannot accept item renewal requests by voice mail or email, per our lending policy. Please call during business hours for over-the-phone renewals. 

Please send general library inquiries to


Library Staff

Yvette Couser, Library Director, extension 1108

Jennifer Stover, Executive Department Head/Head of Technical Services, extension 1103

     Sheila Lippman, Technical Services Assistant

Cathy Walter, Head of Youth Services, extension 1110

     Youth Services Department, extension 1105 

     Jenny Devost, Youth Services Assistant 

     Dina Metivier, Youth Services Aide

     Becca Laidlaw, Youth Services Aide

Patron Services Department

Alyssa Jobin, Head of Circulation, extension 1118

     Circulation - general inquiries, extension 1101

     Eve Sudol, Circulation Assistant

     Erin Blais, Circulation Aide

     Isabelle Newell, Circulation Aide

     Kelly Pittman, Circulation Aide

     Jennifer Schaefer, Circulation Aide

     Alex Jobin, Circulation Aide

Adult Services - general inquiries, extension 1104

     Stefanie Binette, Library Assistant, extension 1107

     Reggie Bourn, Librarian, extention 1109

Joanne Marston, Office Manager, extension 1106