Memorials and Donations

Thank you to those in our community who have chosen to remember their loved ones through a donation to the Library. We are very honored.   

Barry C. Quimby, February 6, 1967 - October 8, 2019

As a director at the Center for Life Management, Barry worked directly with people experiencing homelessness and mental illness and oversaw programs that helped them transition to stable homes, employment and community engagement. Prior to his death, Barry established a designated fund for the Center, intended to cover gaps that federal funds did not address. “I would like this gift to help as many people as possible in their efforts to overcome the numerous barriers of homelessness so that they may make progress and function as community members….I had the opportunity to work with an outstanding group of people at [the Center for Life Management] with tremendous amounts of staff talent and expertise,” Quimby said in June 2019. “Being homeless with a disabling condition is very hard, and to have a safe place to live often made a huge difference. It was always encouraging to hear the clients talk about what they were able to accomplish once the barriers to stable housing were removed.” 1

An avid reader, the Merrimack Public Library community is also a recipient of Barry’s generous spirit through The Barry C. Quimby Memorial Fund.  Established in 2020 for the benefit of the Library, this Fund may be used to finance visits from a children’s author, provide furniture for seating at the library, promote library usage and resource circulation, and fund changes in service and programs to meet patron needs. We are thankful to partner with the Quimby family to honor Barry’s memory, a man who cared so deeply for his community and understood so well the need for a Library space that provides community connections and self-improvement. To donate to the Barry C. Quimby Memorial Fund, please email the Libary Board of Trustees Treasurer, Janet Krupp at 

To hear testimonials from Barry’s colleagues at the Center, please view this memorial video from the Center for Life Management. You may also view his full obituary here.

We send our condolences to Barry’s family: his father, Carl Quimby, his companion Amy Charron and her family, his sister Sherri Ann, his brother Bruce and his wife Andrea, his brother David, sister-in-law Mary Jane, and numerous nieces, nephews, cousins and many, many friends.  Thank you for letting us help hold Barry’s memory.


1 Shea, Lois R., “A Legacy of Helping People Transition from Homelessness to Hope,” New Hampshire Charitable Foundation website, March 12, 2020 (Accessed 10.19.23)


Memorial Bricks

sample memorial brick

In 1997, The Merrimack Public Library Building Committee established a Memorial Brick Fund, "Building for the Future - Brick by Brick,' to raise funds to furnish and equip a new library facility. The bricks would be installed in a walkway and funds managed by the Merrimack Public Library Development Fund Committee. Although the capital campaign was halted, the bricks were ordered and engraved. These bricks have been installed next to the sidewalk between the building and the parking lot. You may search for a brick in this database.