World War Z by Max Brooks

Reviewed by Bre'Anna

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World War Z does not follow a single linear narrative of a band of misfits; rather it is a compilation of interviews with individuals as they reflect back on what brought them to the present day. Interviewer Max Brooks compiles these qualitative stories as part of a United Nations report after the “apocalypse” has already been resolved. As the listener hears the interviews, one gains some insight into the survivors’ decisions and considers how other listeners may have reacted in the survivors’ situations.

I listened to this audiobook several years ago and figured I would revisit it again. The story was even more impressive the second listen, as I could relate it to our current situation with COVID-19. How politicians and governments reacted to this fictional zombie outbreak had alarming parallels to reality, particularly in their handling of today’s pandemic.

This book is definitely not your standard zombie horror story. It is also very different from the World War Z movie starring Brad Pitt; the book should be considered a completely different entity. With the spectacular full cast of voice actors, the listener feels as if the zombie apocalypse really did happen. I really enjoyed listening to the individual stories and felt it to be thoughtful and chillingly realistic.

Rating 4.5/5 stars