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Among Us - Create a Crewmate!

Do you love Among Us? Here’s your chance to play with your friends from the library! On February 1st, come to the library to pick up your crewmate and paint supplies. Bring them back by Monday, February 8th, and get ready to put on your sluething caps! Your crewmates will be doing tasks twice a week. Get together with your grownup, and vote on who you think the Imposter is! 

Ages 8-12. 

Choosy Chapters

Miss Cathy and Miss Jenny will read a chapter/15 minutes of a book to encourage young reader's to try a new book. Books will be chosen from our series shelf along with chapter books. So come along and let us help you find your next new favorite!

Elementary Explorers

Elementary Explorers is a once-a-month exploratory program for elementary-aged children. Each month we will set up a home STEM experiment. Then, stay tuned as results are revealed. Will the results of your experiment at home match the results of our experiment at the library?

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