The City of Ember by Jeanne Duprau

Reviewed by Bre'Anna

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The underground City of Ember was created as a refuge for the human race during a time of destruction. Now over 200 years old, it is in danger of the lights failing and supplies running out. When main character Lina, age 12, becomes a messenger for her community, and is tasked with sending messages to fellow city dwellers, she learns that the generators that keep the city functioning are dying and the lights are going out. Armed with this insight, Lina and her friend Doon embark on an adventure through the tunnels to find a way out of the city. 

Surprisingly, I'd never read City of Ember as a teenager and didn't learn of its existence until this year. I have always been fascinated with books about post-apocalyptic societies and their ability to rouse my creative imagination. Knowing that this book is targeted to young readers, I would say it's an easy read. The book peaked my imagination by instilling me with a sense of wanting to know more about the city and its inhabitants.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars